Personal Data
NameHamashe Angelus
Other Name Lord Hodaine
Debut Chapter #23: Seal of the Clan
Episode #7: SAMKS Creed
Birth Date November 09
AgePart 1: 12-14
Gender Male
RaceNeko Kaiju
  • Daloso
  • Yeku
  • </td> </tr>
Blood type</td>O+</td></tr>
Occupation</td>High School Student
Mina no Kuni Secret Service</td></tr>
Affiliation</td>Mina no Kuni


Team</td>Team 4</td></tr>
Clan</td>Tenshi Clan</td></tr>
Ninja Rank</td>D(Episode 7-date)</td></tr>
Academy Grad. Age</td>N/A</td></tr>
    Darkus Tenshi (cousin)
    Lumina Tenshi (cousin)
    Ken Tenshi (cousin)
    Kajin Tenshi(Brother)
    Kougeki Tenshi (cousin)
    Densen Tenshi (twin)
    Ragus Tenshi (cousin)
    Barax Tenshi(uncle)
    Jidai Tenshi (uncle)
    Kashikoi-Hakuchi Tenshi(cousin) Hakkyou Tenshi(cousin)Rakuchō Tenshi(cousin)Takumi Tenshi(cousin)</td></tr>
  • Water
  • Lightning
  • Wind Energy
  • Wood Energy
  • Poison Energy
  • Light Energy
  • Sound Energy
  • Force Energy
Secret Skills</td>
  • Shinkyō
  • Wangetsu Shinkyō
  • Saigo Wangetsu Shinkyō: level 1
  • Shirakami
  • Shinkō
  • Tula: Light
  • Yukan- Seifuku
  • Lightning Unleash: Thunder Gate
  • Wood Unleash: Nativity Of A World Of Trees
  • Wood Unleash: Forest Burial
  • Water unleash: Spitting Wave
  • Flower Unleash: Magical leaf
  • Lightning Unleash: Fusion Bolt
  • Wood Unleash: Locking Dome
  • Flower Unleash: Winter Rose
  • Flower Unleash: Earth Defence
  • Mist Unleash: Hiding in the Mist
  • Water Unleash: Water Bullet
  • Shinkyō: Demonic illusion: Mirror of Heaven and Earth
  • Shinkyō: Mirror of Time
  • Water Unleash: Hydrant
  • Lightning Unleash: Heaven Beast
  • Lightning Unleash: Earth Beast
  • Water Unleash: Water Trumpet
  • Water Unleash: Water Gorgon
  • Wind Unleash: Ultimate beheading Airwaves
  • Wind Unleash: Dust petal cyclone
  • Wind Unleash: Invisible blast energy cannon
  • Shirakami: Extremities Vacuum Palm

Kansen Hodaine Tenshi is one of the main supporting characters of the series: Silhouette. He is a senshi from the Raika and a member of Team Zenki. He is also future Hikarishin and the actual tula of light.


Kansen and Densen were adopted by the Raitaiso after their mother married him. In a treaty between the Mina and Raika to foster peace, he and his twin moved to the Mina where they lived and trained with the Tenshi.




Being a future Hikarishin, Kansen and his twin trained very vigorously and hence are known to be very brutal and powerful in combat. Kansen, personally, has the same flair as all other Neko Kaiju in battle as well as their power and strength.


Kansen is shown to have the same powerful taijutsu prowess as seen amongst the other Tenshi.

Life force and Control


Kansen is a master of many ninjutsu techniques from basic ninjutsu to S and TMO level attacks.

Nature transformation

Kansen has a variety of nature transformations which he inherits from the clan. He has been able to master most of them and showed great providence in the arts. His nature transformations include:

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